Privacy Policy

As a responsible online casino operator, we are required to collect and store some of your personal information. Below we will explain what information we gather and for what reasons. Your data is always safe with us and here you’ll be able to read a summary of our privacy policy.

What Information Does Maneki Casino Collect About You

In order to play our games for real money, you are required to create an account on Maneki Casino site. Upon creating your account, we will gather and store some of your personal information which we are required to do for legal purposes. Below you can find a summary of all the data we collect about you.

  • First and last name, date of birth, email address and phone number as filled out in the registration form.
  • Additional information we obtain by correspondence with you on our site via email, live chat or other communication.
  • Transaction history directly through our site or via other means.
  • Login data, traffic data, Geo IP location data, browser data, device data and weblogs.
  • Documents that we ask you to provide as verification of your identity and account. These documents include passport scans, payment slips and bank statements.
  • Other information that we obtain through surveys and other customer assessments.

How Does Maneki Casino Use The Collected Information

The data we gather is vital for us to be able to provide you with our services. For one thing, we are obligated to collect personal data in order to allow you to bet on our games with real money. We also need this information for several other purposes which we have summarised below.

  • Process your transactions and bets.
  • Provide efficient help when you have problems with your account or creating an account.
  • Marketing purposes. We need the data to present accurate promotional offers, particularly when you are taking part in our loyalty program.
  • Conduct identity checks when deemed necessary. Usually done to verify your identity when you request large withdrawals.
  • For legal reasons, as a regulated casino, we are obligated to prevent such things as fraud, abuse of our services and money laundering.
  • We also use your data to analyse customer trends, conduct customer research, and gather statistics.

Is Your Personal Data Secure With Maneki Casino?

As a regulated online casino we are legally bound and committed to keeping your personal data safe and protected. One step in this is providing you with the opportunity to use two-factor authentication in addition to your unique login and password.

In regards to browser cookies, we use these to automatically collect some information. You may turn off some of these, but be aware that our site will not work without accepting the required cookies

All data that you provide will remain confidential. We do not sell it to third parties. We will, however, disclose it to law enforcement if necessary or a regulatory agency.

You can read our full policy on our main site or direct further questions to regarding our privacy policy.